Audiomovers Release OMNIBUS 3.0

US A major update to the virtual patchbay for Mac      18/06/24

Audiomovers Release OMNIBUS 3.0

Audiomovers has announced the release of OMNIBUS 3.0, featuring multiple major new features from the last iteration:

  • Networking capabilities: Route multichannel audio between different machines connected to the same network via AVB or NDI
  • Four configurable virtual audio devices with up to 256 I/O channels per device
  • Application Capture: Separate system and application audio outputs
  • Save and export entire OMNIBUS 3.0 sessions as files
  • Recall snapshots and change parameters using Elgato Stream Deck or MIDI program change


Here's more detail from the company...

The audio routing software - which operates like a virtual patchbay between applications and audio devices on a Mac - now features networking functionality, with support for NDI and AVB network protocols.
This new networking functionality means OMNIBUS 3.0 can send and receive multichannel audio from any other machines on the same network, turning any Mac into an audio device with full multichannel I/O. (OMNIBUS can send and receive 256 channels of audio via AVB or 128 with NDI, but users can create multiple AVB 'devices' in OMNIBUS to send and receive audio).

OMNIBUS 3.0 represents an affordable and simplified routing solution for recording and post-production facilities like Abbey Road Studios, allowing them to move multichannel audio between machines and different rooms at low latency. OMNIBUS 3.0 is in use in every room at Abbey Road, from Studio One to writing rooms, bypassing the need for visiting clients to install drivers on their machines or navigate complex routing configurations, saving on average an hour of setup time per session.

OMNIBUS already allows Mac users to route audio seamlessly between all devices - physical and virtual - connected to their Mac, but OMNIBUS 3.0 adds application capture, so users can easily grab audio from any software running, rather than needing to route that audio first to a virtual device.

Pricing and Availability:
OMNIBUS retails for $199.99. 
Existing OMNIBUS 2.0 owners will have the option to upgrade to OMNIBUS 3.0 for the reduced price of $25.99, while those with an active LISTENTO Pro subscription and OMNIBUS 2.0 license can upgrade for free.

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