Behringer Aims To Resurrect The Elka Synthex

US Italian 8-voice polyphonic analog synth used by JMJ and Duran Duran      17/06/24

Behringer Aims To Resurrect The Elka Synthex

Behringer has revealed plans for their own take on the Elka Synthex, an 8-voice polyphonic analog synth dating from the early 1980s. Here's the statement direct from their Facebook page...

Recreating the Magic of the Elka Synthex
The Elka Synthex, a synthesizer from the early 1980s, is cherished for its rich, warm sound and unique character. Musicians like Jean-Michel Jarre and Duran Duran have used it to create iconic tracks, solidifying its place in music history. Designed by Mario Maggi and produced by the Italian company Elka, the Synthex has a storied past.

At Behringer, we're working to revive the Elka Synthex with a dedicated team of top-notch R&D engineers in Italy, where the original was created. Using advanced Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), we're able to replicate the original circuitry and signal paths, capturing the essence of its distinctive sound.

The Role of FPGA's
FPGAs help us recreate the immensely complex inner workings of the Synthex, ensuring we maintain its unique tonal qualities while improving reliability and performance. The two large chips in the center of the main board are Xilinx FPGA's.
Honoring a Classic
Our goal is to make the classic sound of the Elka Synthex available to today's musicians, combining its vintage appeal with modern technology. This passion project aims to respect the legacy of the Synthex while providing the enhancements needed for contemporary use.

Bringing back the Synthex
Stay tuned as we work to bring the Elka Synthex back to life, celebrating its history and sound with the same passion and innovation that marked its original creation.
This "labor of love" project will take a few years, but it'll be worth the wait as the Synthex is one of the most iconic synthesizers of all times.


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