Klavis Range Gets Black Panels

US Black modules now available in addition to the current silver range      14/06/24

Klavis Range Gets Black Panels

Klavis tells us that users have been writing to them for some time now asking if their modules will ever be available in black panel version. Their answer is "Yes; the wait is over." Here's the details in their own words...

Black modules
In addition to the current silver range, all modules are readily available in black finish.
One exception is the Multiple module, which is mostly black!
The black panels are based on 2mm-thick brushed aluminium in bath-anodized finish, with high-quality silvery-white printing.
Separate black panels
Besides the modules, separate black panels are available for replacement by the user.

For technical reasons, some black panels will not be offered*, leaving only the option of the black module.
This is to avoid to risks of messing with the electronics while dismantling and reassembling complex modules.
Pricing and Availability:
To keep things simple the retail price of the black modules will be 10€/USD10 above their equivalent silver version.
The black panels sold separately will all be priced at MSRP 20€/USD21.

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