Space Saving Wall Mount Keyboard Arms

US Keyboard arms fix easily.      11/06/24

Space Saving Wall Mount Keyboard Arms

Reddit  KeysNoKeys (also credited for the photo) has found these wall mounts work well in the studio where space is a premium. Priced at approximately $40 each,. he mounts, which come in sizes of 16" and 19", provide a robust alternative to conventional stands.

To ensure stability, the mounts should be attached to wall studs using #8, 2 and a 1/2" wood screws. For those with smaller items, placing a platform on the rack arms might be necessary to properly support the equipment. Additionally, attaching a lip to the lower edge of the platform can help prevent items from slipping off when mounted at an angle.

This wall-mount setup offers a space-saving solution, ideal for replacing cumbersome two-tier keyboard stands in studios or practice spaces. It's a relatively simple project so if you own a drill, you'll probably be ok to mount - though make sure you have a sturdy fixing!

The wall-mount stands can be found at Vintage King product here.

For the EU, we found something similar at Bax

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Do you have any nifty tips for mounting gear?

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