New Range Of Routing Eurorack From CB Electronics

US Signal Routing Digital control meets analog      11/06/24

New Range Of Routing Eurorack From CB Electronics

CB Electronics, known for its expertise in studio monitor controllers and digitally controlled analog patchbays, has launched a new range of EuroRack modules. The ER-Range, managed by a single ER-Processor module, brings digital convenience to the routing of audio and CV signals without any A-D/D-A conversion, ensuring an all-analog signal path.

The ER-Range includes three modules designed with synth users in mind:

  • ER-Processor: Acts as the control hub, interfacing via USB MIDI and Ethernet, and supports up to 16 modules with 128 snapshot memory.
  • ER-Patch 16/32: A crosspoint matrix router available in 16x16 or 32x32 configurations for Audio, CV, or Gates.
  • ER-Gain+Sum: An eight-channel gain control module for both audio and CV signals, featuring a sum output for combining inputs.

The processor module offers extensive control options, including a TFT display, encoder, and support for various MIDI interfaces and snapshot automation. The ER-Patch modules provide versatile routing capabilities, while the ER-Gain module allows for precise gain adjustments.

The ER-Range is now available for purchase with the following pricing:

  • ER-Processor: £300
  • ER-Gain+Sum: £240
  • ER-Patch 16: £300
  • ER-Patch 32: £900

Early adopters can enjoy a 20% discount on all modules until July 31, 2024, using the discount code EREARLY20.

For more details, visit CB Electronics.


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