New FX With Arturia FX Collection 5

US Comprehensive updates and new effects for enhanced music production      11/06/24

New FX  With Arturia FX Collection 5

Arturia has released the FX Collection 5, a substantial upgrade to their suite of studio effects tools designed for both mixing and creative production. This collection now features 34 precision-engineered effects, offering a blend of authentic analog emulations and innovative modern plugins. The new collection aims to provide limitless possibilities for experimental production and includes enhancements for all mastering needs.Key Additions and Features:
-New Effects: FX Collection 5 introduces two new effects: EFX Motions, a creative movement shaper, and EFX Refract, a versatile unison effect. 

In the absence of a launch video at the time of publication, here's Nic Rollo from Noisegate take on Bus Peak and Bus Enhancer

Over 1400 factory presets, in-app tutorials, and a seamless workflow with intuitive preset browsing and low-latency performance. The collection also features hi-res 4K interfaces and full compatibility with NKS VST3 and Apple M series processors.
Accessibility: Real-time text-to-speech feedback for visually-impaired users, improving accessibility across the board.

New Effect Highlights:
EFX Motions Combines musical movement, mix dynamics, and creative audio tools. Features include five audio processing modules, a customized trigger, and a motion editor.
EFX Refract: A stereo multi-effect that enriches, texturizes, and transforms sounds with its unison refraction engine, offering 47 built-in presets and 12 harmonizer chords.
Bus Exciter-104 Reinvents classic audio signal enhancement with dual module architecture and a user-friendly interface, providing real-time visualization and output equalization for enhanced sound.
Bus Peak  Combines tone control, clipper, and limiter features with professional metering to ensure optimal loudness while preserving detail and clarity.

The FX Collection 5 is available for purchase through Arturia's online store and authorized dealers. For more information, visit  Arturia's website:

 We reviewed EFX Motion here:


Do you use FX Collection, any highlights?


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