PolyKit DUO - DIY PolySynth Based on 106 and Crumar Bit 01

US You will need to know what you are doing though...      08/06/24

PolyKit DUO - DIY PolySynth Based on 106 and Crumar Bit 01

PolyKit has introduced the PolyKit DUO, a polyphonic synthesizer featuring a fully programmable 6-voice DCO based on the PolyKit DCO and PolyKit-x-voice board projects  by Jan Knipper (schematics and parts list available on GitHub).

This synthesizer combines elements of the Juno 106 and Crumar Bit 01 rack unit, offering dual DCOs, sawtooth and PWM waveforms, and multipole filters inspired by the Oberheim Matrix 12. Notable features include dual LFOs, velocity-sensitive filters, analog chorus similar to the Juno 60, and 999 patch memory locations. For more details, visit the GitHub page. Though you will need to be the sort of person who's comfortable working with ground up DIY projects. The main processors are Raspberry Pi Picos.

Are you brave enough to take it on or would you get someone to build it for you?


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