Tone2 Releases LoFi Chill Expansion for Electra2

US Dive into the soothing sounds of LoFi      08/06/24

Tone2 Releases LoFi Chill Expansion for Electra2

Tone2 has just introduced a new expansion pack for their Electra2 synthesizer: LoFi Chill. This addition is designed to cater to producers looking for the  LoFi aesthetic.

This expansion pack has been designed to give  Electra2  a palette of warm, dusty tones for creating relaxing, chilled-out vibes. 

What's in the pack?

  • Diverse range of presets tailored for LoFi music.
  • Includes atmospheric pads, mellow keyboards, and deep basses.
  • Perfectly suited for creating ambient, mellow tracks with a vintage feel.

Pricing & Availability:
LoFi Chill is now available for purchase directly from Tone2's website at a price point of EUR 39 / USD 49

More info here:

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