Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin Announce Bullfrog Drums

US Enhancing the Bullfrog ecosystem with an educational drum machine      05/06/24

Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin Announce Bullfrog Drums

Erica Synths, in collaboration with renowned techno artist Richie Hawtin, has unveiled Bullfrog Drums, an educational drum machine designed to complement the Bullfrog synthesizer. Its essentially a TR style sample-based drum machine with seven tracks, a simple interface, and an easy-to-use sequencer.

With the new Bullfrog Drums, the ecosystem expands to offer a complete electronic music production and performance setup. This drum machine focuses on teaching drum programming and sampling basics, combining hands-on learning with the excitement of electronic music creation.

Richie Hawtin, a key figure in rhythmic electronic music, emphasized the importance of this development:

As a producer who's created many percussion-only tracks under my Plastikman moniker, it only makes sense to add a drum machine to our developing Bullfrog ecosystem. This exciting development will allow both novices and pros a new way to learn drum programming and enjoy some fun new capabilities that we plan to feature on our new machine!

Bullfrog Drums features a user-friendly interface inspired by classic drum machines. It includes seven sample-based drum voices with comprehensive sample manipulation options such as tuning, start point, sample length, attack, decay, overdrive, and stereo panning. Additionally, it incorporates an easy-to-program CV/Gate sequencer, ensuring seamless integration with the Bullfrog synthesizer.

We were asked not to film the prototype at Superbooth but fortunately Motobor grabbed a demo

Key Features of Bullfrog Drums:

  • Seven sample-based drum voices
  • Hands-on sample manipulation: tuning, start point, sample length, attack, decay, overdrive, stereo panning
  • CV/Gate sequencer for integration with Bullfrog synthesizer

Bullfrog Drums will be available by the end of 2024 through Erica Synths' official website and electronic music retailers worldwide. 

For more information, visit Erica Synths.

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