Spitfire Audio And Air Launch Air Studios Reverb Plug-in

US The legendary studios have been impulse responsed      30/05/24

Spitfire Audio, known for its high-quality sample libraries, has announced the launch of their new effects plugin, AIR Studios Reverb. Developed in collaboration with London's AIR Studios, this plugin represents the first time the studio's unique acoustics have been sampled for use in audio production.

The AIR Studios Reverb is the result of two years of research and development. Utilizing Impulse Response technology, the plugin enables artists to simulate placing their sound anywhere within AIR Studios. This new technology captures over 67,000 Impulse Responses, claiming to provide a more detailed reverb effect than currently available from other plugins.

Features of the AIR Studios Reverb include the ability to adjust various hall settings like canopy height and material, as well as gallery damping. This allows users to tailor the acoustic properties of the studio to fit their specific needs. The plugin also offers a wide range of presets crafted by AIR Studios' engineers, designed to suit different musical styles and instruments.

The AIR Studios Reverb integrates with any modern digital audio workstation (DAW) and includes options for adjusting source characteristics, microphone signals, and a comprehensive EQ.

The plugin is priced at £299, $349, or €349. Further details can be found on Spitfire Audio's website.


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