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US Klevgrand adds a new kit to the OneShot library of sounds      30/05/24

Klevgrand has introduced a new kit to the OneShot library of sounds. They say that the Jazz-Kit is definitely more than "good enough for jazz".

Johan Sundhage, co-founder and Lead Developer told us, "It is the best sounding jazz drums that we've ever heard. We created this pack because there just weren't any sample collections out there with this sound ideal. With this pack we bring you a jazz kit that actually sounds like a proper modern jazz kit – have a listen to the music examples and hear for yourself..."

Here's more details direct from the company...

We have admittedly strong opinions on how a modern jazz kit should sound, how it should be played and how to record and make samples out of it. For example, a snare drum can (and should) be played in various ways, especially when it comes to jazz music. There are rim shots, ordinary strokes, side stick, buzzes and rolls. Same goes for the ride – the sound changes with how the cymbal is hit, where it is hit and how hard it is hit. We made sure all parts have plenty of velocity layers and round robins to make it highly dynamic and musical. All together, this makes up an extremely natural, acoustic sounding and very playable drum kit that's fun to play and sounds just right!

BD, SD, HH, Tom, Floor Tom, Ride and Crash – Separated into 19 different strokes with around 40 velocity layers per stroke. Over 700 samples in total, organized in 9 different presets.

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price until June 11, 2024: $14.99 (Regular price: $39.99)

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