IK Launch iLoud MTM MKII Monitors

US Sonic improvements to the popular desktop monitor      30/05/24

IK Launch iLoud MTM MKII  Monitors

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IK Multimedia has announced the release of the iLoud MTM MKII, an update to their studio-quality monitor lineup. The new model retains the MTM (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) configuration, enhancing its design to deliver superior sound quality and features.

It is available individually, as a pair, or as part of an 11-speaker immersive bundle, presumably for  ATMOS mixing.  The MKII version boasts improved speaker drivers, off-axis response, power efficiency, and increased onboard processing power, along with double the DSP and integrated X-MONITOR capabilities - which will makje the ARC system more resonsive and presumably reduce any latency - though we confess not to have noticed before.

We use the previous models here at Sonic HQ and can atest to the performance vs size - excellent for where space is a premium.

Additionally, the MTM MKII integrates the next-generation ARC room correction technology for optimal sound calibration in any room setting. This feature, adapted from IK Multimedia's flagship iLoud Precision series, uses a comprehensive auto-calibration system to adapt to room acoustics efficiently.

The monitor is now available for purchase through IK Multimedia's online store and authorized dealers worldwide, with the single unit priced at $/€399.99 and the pair at $/€799.99, both options including a free ARC MEMS microphone.

The immersive bundle is offered at $/€3,999.99, also including the microphone.


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