SEOFON - Mad Kid Empire's First Synth

US Madcap noise generation with seven node groups      29/05/24

A new synth called Seofon has just been revealed, drawn by the artist Yu Zhi.and made by Mad Kid Empire. This first synth comes after a year of design and production, and it's said to produce a sound like water droplets one moment and generating a noise as intense as sawing wood the next. It sounds and looks quite unique and reminds me of the Chimera BC8 and BC16 synths in terms of unbridled wildness! Here's the blurb...


At the heart of Seofon is an organic noise generation circuit consisting of seven nodes in the centre, which outputs noise directly and generates rhythms by feeding signals to the nodes to interfere with them. Seofon itself provides three sets of pulse oscillators to adjust the pulse width of each set, and positive and negative phase outputs. Different sound events are generated by extracting information from the nodes into the filter. All sounds originate from the interference and extraction of noise signals from the seven sets of nodes. The synthesiser package and circuitry was designed by Mad Kids Empire synthesiser designer xamynot; the painted artwork on the back of the synthesiser was drawn from artist Yu Zhi.


 Pre-Orders are open and it retails for £259.00

More info here:

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