Top Synthesizer Patch Tips from Superbooth

US DIVKID collects expert ideas and musical musings      24/05/24

DIVKID has taken a novel approach to a Superbooth video, collecting patch tips from expert musicians, makers, and developers. The tips are universal, and can be used on Software or Hardware! He takes advice from Tim Whitwell, Corey from ModBap, Starsky Carr, Mylar Melodies, Jamie Lidell, Red Means Recording, HainBach and Technomadic. 

Awesome advice and ideas, and a free PDF to accompany it


  • Feedback everything // Music Thing Modular
  • Patch your swinging clock with an LFO // AtoVproject
  • Use noise an FM source for fluff & fire crackle // Starsky Carr
  • Manually interrupt arpeggios // U.D.O
  • The lo fi transistor radio // ModBap Modular
  • Sequence (transpose) your sequencers // Tom Churchill
  • Use switches for dynamic mix FX // WMD
  • Modulate decay times // Mylar Melodies
  • Delays before distortion // Expert Sleepers
  • Use sequencers to rhythmically sequence other sequencers // DPW Design
  • Use ring modulators as tremolo space makers // Jamie Lidell
  • Feedback FM with all pass filters // Instruo
  • Trigger function generators with oscillators // Stazma
  • Use sequencers to set pitch intervals // Five12
  • Mix CV sources for unique patterns // Anti Kulture
  • Audio rate modulation // Red Means Recording
  • Use AC coupling (high passing) to create new envelopes // Schlappi Engineering
  • Dynamic S/H based downsampling // Frap Tools
  • Feedback // Hainbach
  • Random pulses from standard clocks // Konstantine
  • Use random release times // The Unperson
  • Use velocity inputs with audio rate signals for AM FX // Weston Precision Audio
  • Use attenuators! // Technomadic
  • Sub oscillators as FM sources // Noise Lab

About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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