Inharmonic Equalizer For Pristine Audio Clarity

US HoRNet HarmoniQ is designed to clean up your sound      23/05/24

Inharmonic Equalizer For Pristine Audio Clarity

HoRNet has released HarmoniQ which they describe as the Inharmonic Equalizer for pristine audio clarity. This is what they have to say about it...

Acoustic instruments and complex sounds often carry a mix of harmonic and inharmonic elements. While the harmonics enrich your sound, the inharmonic frequencies create muddiness and a boxy effect. Traditionally, removing these unwanted frequencies required manual equalization--tedious and time-consuming. HarmoniQ revolutionizes this process with real-time analysis and automatic filtering, making it the perfect inharmonic equalizer for your audio needs.

HarmoniQ automatically analyzes incoming audio, detects the fundamental frequency, and identifies inharmonic frequencies. Our advanced algorithm then applies up to 50 precise filters to eliminate these unwanted frequencies, ensuring a clearer, more refined sound. This advanced approach to harmonic equalization guarantees your audio tracks retain their natural warmth while removing disruptive elements.


  •     Detects fundamental and inharmonic frequencies automatically.
  •     Applies up to 50 filters for a clearer sound.
  •     Control intensity of frequency reduction up to -18dB.
  •     Smart Learn Mode.
  •     Delta Function: Audition differences between input and filtered signals.
  •     Bypass Mode: Temporarily disable for comparison.
  •     Reset Button: Restart detection and filtering process.
  •     Load and Save Settings: Save and recall favorite settings.
  •     Intuitive Interface: Easy navigation and control.
  •     Resizable UI
  •     macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (windows 10 and later)support
  •     64bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows
  •     Audio Units, VST3 and AAX format
  •     Apple Silicon native support

Pricing and Availability:
34.99 Euro

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