Revolution 909: V5 Firmware Upgrade

US New TR-909 mods from Addictive Instruments      22/05/24

The Revolution 909 upgrade from Addictive Instruments consists of two hardware modules which replace some integrated circuits on the original 909's Switch Board. They have just released Version 5 of their firmware, as covered here by the legendary Sunshine Jones. The first module is a hardware memory expansion module, which includes the new version 5 of the software - the second is a small hardware enhancement to the 7-segment LED driver to display alphanumeric characters.

The new v5 firmware not only contains fixes and optimizations of the original versions 1 and 4, but new features have also been added!

The functionality and timing of the original sequencer has been preserved.
The spirit and philosophy of the machine has been respected. Remember, we always run on the same CPU!
Legacy versions 1 and 4 are also present in ROM and can be selected by a simple key combination.
This upgrade is fully compatible with the TR-909, the RE-909 and the SR-909.
The installation is totally non-destructive, no holes to drill, no traces to cut.

v5 main features:

  • Fixed Sync bugs.
  • 32 Internal Banks.
  • Optimised and more instinctive workflow.
  • Mute function.
  • Full External Instruments Mapping.
  • Firmware Update via MIDI.

The Owner Manual is available on the Downloads tab.

Kit contents:

  • Memory Board(PCBA) .
  • Digit Board(PCBA).
  • 40 pin-strip headers(For Memory).
  • 16 DIP lead-frames(For Digit).
  • 1 diode.
  • 1 resistor.
  • Some 30AWG wire.
  • Some shrinkable sleeve.
  • The new labels for front panel(non permanent sticker).

More info on the Addictive Instruments website:

The full kit is priced at €249.00 - Tax excluded


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