Superbooth 2024: MyVolts Alchemist Power Hub Kickstarts Today

US 200 Watts of isiolated power - no grounding issues      21/05/24

Caroline from MyVolts introduced the Alchemist Power Distribution Hub (launching on Kickstarter today), highlighting its progression from prototype to production. This hub, designed with musicians in mind, offers five isolated outputs with up to 20 watts each, plus an additional output providing 100 watts, also capable of powering devices like a MacBook.

Alchemist can power various items, such as an Elektron Analog 4, Korg devices, and modular rigs from Intellijel, Pittsburgh and others with different voltage outputs through USB-C cables using the range of Step-Up tips including a new 15v converter.

The hub canb be powered by powerbanks an  traditional power bricks, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power sources. Caroline emphasized the hub's isolation feature, eliminating grounding issues common with other USB power supplies. There is also a non-isolated version available.

Additionally, Caroline showcased the evolution of their original Crazy Chain, now featuring a polarity indicator and a robust design capable of handling up to 100 watts.

The Kickstarter launch for the Alchemist gives early bird backers  the opportunity to receive a free basic Alchemist unit (non isolated). 

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Alchemist Power Distribution Hub on Kickstarter

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