SUPERBOOTH 2024: Soma - Flux - Your Questions Answered

US Vlad clears up your queries about Flux      19/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Vlad from Soma showcased the innovative features of their upcoming product, Flux. Vlad discussed the use of neodymium magnets in Flux, highlighting the ability to experiment with different forms and forces of magnet to customize the keyboard response. You can even play Flux with a screwdriver!He also answered a question about the breakout box, which will offer MIDI output with full MPE support and 11 CV outputs 5 parameters in the left hand and 6 in the right for controlling external gear. 

When asked about the possibility of playback in selectable scales, Vlad mentioned that currently, Flux offers chromatic quantization, but that the strength of the gear lies in its non-quantizing performance. Answering a question about accessing the parameters of the sound engines, Vlad explained that there are 37 different engines and up to 12 parameters for synthesis control, and each engine has unique variations. Vlad also hinted at the potential for future algorithm developments, showcasing the flexibility of Flux in accommodating additional instruments over time. For more information on Flux and its unique features, check out their website and stay tuned for updates.

Flux and Breakout Box are currently in development. Price TBC


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