SUPERBOOTH 2024: Yamaha - Montage M Synthesizer

US The Montage M gets some powerful updates      18/05/24

We up with Dom from Yamaha to get an exclusive look at the latest updates for the Montage M workstation synthesizer. Dom showcased the new operating system update, OS2, which includes some exciting features like SmartMorph for the ANX engine. This feature allows users to seamlessly morph between multiple sounds, creating unique and dynamic textures. The SmartMorph functionality was previously available for FMX and now extends to ANX as well, adding even more versatility to the already powerful Montage M.

Another highlight of the OS2 update is the addition of new reverb algorithms, including a shimmer reverb that adds a dreamy layer to any sound. Dom demonstrated how the shimmer reverb can be used to enhance sounds like piano and synths, providing a lush and atmospheric quality. Additionally, the update introduces a new modifier for the ANX engine, the wave folder, which allows for creative sound design possibilities like creating kick drums and morphing waveforms. The Montage M also gets an Expanded Soft Synth Plugin (ESP) for Montage M, which allows users to access and edit Montage sounds directly within their DAW. The OS2 update and ESP plugin will be available as a free download for registered Montage M users at the end of June.

For more information on the Montage M and the new features, check out the Yamaha website.

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