SUPERBOOTH 2024: Reason Studios - Reason 13 DAW

US Reason gets a serious upgrade      18/05/24

At Superbooth 2024 we met up with Mattias at the Reason Studios booth to find out about Reason 13. This is the latest iteration of the DAW from Reason Studios, and it's packing some serious enhancements. This version promises to revolutionize your workflow with a completely revamped browser, an array of new Rack devices, and a treasure trove of patches, samples, and loops. There is a new 2 oscillator synth, Polytone, which is designed as the go-to for classic synth sounds, and has randomizer function with which Mattias demonstrated some delicious clangerous sounds. The interface and sequencer have been meticulously redesigned for a smoother, more intuitive experience, allowing you to focus purely on your creative flow.

Reason 13 now includes a unified browser for easy access to patches, samples, and loops with enhanced filtering options. The new Rack services bring powerful tools like Sidechain, Gain, and Stereo, while the improved sequencer offers better zooming and layout modifications. The redesigned interface ensures faster navigation, making Reason 13 an efficient and inspiring music production environment.

Reason 13 will be out June 18th 2024, but the beta is available very soon.

Prices on the Reason website:

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