SUPERBOOTH 2024: Novation - Bass Station 2 10th Birthday

US Ever wondered what 10 Bass Stations would sound like?      18/05/24

At Superbooth 2024 we caught up with Danny from Novation and celebrated 10 years of the splendid Bass Station 2 by hooking up 10 Bass Stations so they can be played polyphonically. This Frankenstein's synth has been capped of with a filter cutoff knob that is ten times its normal size, and an Oy! random patch generator which gives useable patches most of the time. The whole thing is controlled by the 61SL with all the notes managed by a Max Patch running on a Mac hidden under the table.  It makes us wonder if a Bass Station Polysynth might be in the offing, though perhaps not in this rather wild form factor!

Bass Station 2 Price: 449.99 GBP

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