SUPERBOOTH 2024: Modal Electronics - Talking About The Future Of Modal

US What's in store for the UK company?      18/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Christian Stahl, representing Modal Electronics, sat down with Paul Wright, a business partner in the new Modal structure, to discuss the recent changes and exciting developments for the company. Stahl shared his journey within Modal Electronics, taking on more commercial roles and realizing the need for help to redefine the company's vision. With Wright's expertise, the team worked on restructuring the business model to ensure growth and sustainability.

The duo revealed that despite recent challenges, Modal Electronics is back on track with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Carbon 8, set to hit stores by August or September. Partnering with a well-established contract manufacturer, Modal Electronics aims to not only deliver premium quality products but also collaborate with developers and innovators to create a thriving ecosystem for the future. The vision for the company includes expanding beyond synthesizers to provide a platform for individuals to share their ideas globally, creating a partnership based on shared intellectual values.

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