SUPERBOOTH 2024: - Godspeed - Autopilot Modules

US Two new modules from      18/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Andreas from showcased their latest offerings - the new Godspeed and the Autopilot modules. The Godspeed is a six HP instant auto-tuning oscillator with through zero FM modulation capabilities, analog wave shapers, MIDI control, pitch lock, and influences from both the West and East coasts. Next, we saw Autopilot is a dual auto tuner module available in a compact six HP format, perfect for tuning analog oscillators. Andreas emphasized how their modules are designed to help musicians maintain melodic content and stay in tune, even in unpredictable situations. Godspeed also features a unique auto-tuning technology that ensures instant tuning and precise frequency tracking. also addressed the pricing concerns in the current synthesizer market, offering the Godspeed at an affordable price of $200 and the Autopilot at $65, including VAT. The modules are available for pre-order from various stores worldwide and will start shipping on the 12th of June.

Godspeed Price 200 USD

Autopilot Price 65 USD

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