SUPERBOOTH 2024: Din Sync - RE-101 RE-303 RE-909 X0X Instruments

US An arsenal of quality X0X instruments      18/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Sonic State caught up with Paul from Din Sync to check out the latest products on display. Paul showcased the RE-808, RE-303, and RE-909, along with the upcoming RE-101 which will be available for purchase in about six weeks. In addition to this, they have been working on a bender part for their products and also introduced a facelift for the Gillian synthesizer, featuring improved features and a refreshed aesthetic.

Apart from these updates, Din Sync is also working on a new prototype, the JP1, which wasn't ready for display at the show. This new prototype will feature full-size faders and big switches, enhancing the user experience. Although not fully revealed yet, the JP1 is set to include two oscillators, two envelopes, and innovative routing options that have already garnered interest from the community. For more information on Dynsync's products, make sure to check out their website for updates and announcements.

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