SUPERBOOTH 2024: Knobula - Echo Cinematic FX Module

US Get those almost out of control dub delays and more      17/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Jason from Nobula introduced us to their latest module, the Echo Cinematic. This module, which has been in development for about three years, combines EQ, delay, reverb, and a knob recorder in a compact 12 HP unit. Inspired by the dub Echo machines of old, Jason aimed to replicate the unique sound he experienced in studios by bringing the Echo back through the desk and EQing it to create a feedback loop that adds character and depth to the sound.

The Echo Cinematic features a range of filter options including low pass, high pass, peak, notch, and comb filters, providing users with a versatile array of sonic possibilities. With fully syncable delay times, a built-in reverb, and a knob recorder for capturing performances, this module offers is ideal for creating those classic, almost out of control dub delays.

Echo Cinematic Available: June 2024. Price: 320-390 USD

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