SUPERBOOTH 2024: AJH Synth - The Radiophonic Modular System

US Limited edition synth recreates the vibe of Room 13 for Hans Zimmer      17/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Alan from AJH Synth unveiled a new, highly-specialized synth commissioned by none other than Hans Zimmer himself. This analog modular system was designed to be the centerpiece of the new BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a passion project of Zimmer's aimed at recreating the iconic studio at Maida Vale. With dual monophonic synth voices featuring stereo capabilities, a triple crossfader for intricate crossfading effects, and a plethora of modulation options including tap tempo LFOs and sample and hold modules, this synth is a powerhouse of vintage sound with a modern twist. The 136HP walnut case with cherry wood highlights pays homage to Zimmer's first synth, the EMS VCS3, while offering a more powerful and flexible sonic palette.

The limited replicas of the commissioned instrument are available for purchase, with a price tag of £15,000 including UK VAT. While not an impulse buy, this synth promises unparalleled sound and versatility for those willing to invest in its unique capabilities. With a waiting list already in place, those interested in acquiring one of these rare replicas should act fast to secure their piece of music history. For more information on this extraordinary synth, visit the **AJH Synth** website for details on availability and ordering.

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