SUPERBOOTH 2024: Ableton - Push Sequencer

US Push is playing along with modular      17/05/24

Jesse from Ableton showcased the latest features of the PUSH playing together with  his modular system.

Ablteon's recent Push  focus has been on enhancing stability, fixing bugs, and integrating new functionalities. Jesse delved into the realm of modular synthesis, demonstrating the intricate connections between PUSH and modular gear to craft unique musical compositions. By utilizing the expressive pads of PUSH, Jesse showed how modular synths can be controlled and manipulated in real-time, offering a glimpse into the creative possibilities when combining these two technologies.

Jesse's setup featured a Trinity module by Modbap for drums, while showcasing the versatility of the FH2 for CV generation and the Expert Sleepers ES3 and ES6 for interfacing with modular gear. The integration of multiple voices, effects, and instruments highlighted the flexibility and power of combining the PUSH with modular synths. 

Push Price: 879 GBP

Push Standalone Price: 1,669 GBP


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