SUPERBOOTH 2024: Dreadbox - Murmux Polysynth

US Limited edition 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer      16/05/24

At Superbooth 2024 we met up with Orfeas from Dreadbox who introduced us to the third, and probably final edition of Murmux, which in this iteration has 8 voice polyphony. Murmux has 2 oscillators per voice, each with wave folding and envelope, noise or LFO modulations. There is a master detune and glide, and each voice gets a 24dB low pass and a 6 dB high pass filter, a bass boost for the high pass and there are 2 envelopes per voice. Murmux gives you 9 syncable LFOs which is one per voice and one global, and using the target button you can send modulations just about anywhere.

It comes with a classic BBD and also the delay from the Erebus which can give chorus type effects.

Murmux Price: 2,180 Euros (limited to 300 units)

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