SUPERBOOTH 2024: ALM Busy Circuits - MFX Pedal Multi-FX

US Standalone multi effects processor      16/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Sonic State caught up with Zoe from ALM Busy Circuits to discuss the latest products from the company. The focus was on the new MFX pedal, which is a re-envisioning of the popular Eurorack module of the same name. The pedal features 18 different programs including reverbs, delays, chorus, ring mod, and more, all designed to be inspiring and high-quality. The MFX pedal also offers hands-on controls and the ability to assign expression inputs for added versatility. Additionally, it includes a MIDI port for clock sync and modulation options, making it a versatile tool for pedal users and hardware enthusiasts alike.

In addition to the MFX pedal, Zoe also previewed an upcoming system that brings together their latest offerings in a single unit. It features a mix of modules including the Cizzle, Tasm-o, Mega Milton, and more, providing a comprehensive setup for music production.

MFX Pedal Price: 399 USD


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