SUPERBOOTH 2024: 4ms - MetaModule Eurorack Module

US Virtual knobs and jacks controlling over 160 virtual modules      16/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Dan Green from 4MS unveiled the highly anticipated MetaModule, a groundbreaking module that brings virtual software patches to Eurorack hardware. Designed to merge the benefits of software and hardware, the MetaModule features over 160 built-in modules, including popular offerings from Mutable Instruments and various third-party companies like Vogue Audio and Chowdhury DSP. It's possible to import further modules using the plug-in system, so the system can keep growing.

What sets the MetaModule apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate with VCV Rack, a free open-source software platform for Eurorack virtual environments. Users can create patches on their computer and easily transfer them to the MetaModule via SD card or USB stick, allowing for a versatile and tactile experience. 

MetaModule Price: 649 USD



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