SUPERBOOTH 2024: Pittsburgh Modular - Voltage Lab 2 Modular System

US An entire synthesis laboratory with a wide palette of sonic textures      15/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, we met up with Richard Nicol from Pittburgh Modular who introduced us to the eagerly anticipated Voltage Lab 2 synthesizer. This new iteration, five years in the making, builds upon the success of the original Voltage Lab with innovative features like independent waveform manipulation, a six-stage wave folder, pulse symmetry, and a reflection circuit. The Voltage Lab 2 offers a unique approach to synthesis, expanding on traditional West Coast synthesis techniques and providing a diverse palette of sounds.

In addition to the robust synthesis capabilities, the Voltage Lab 2 also includes a two-channel, 16-step controller for sequencing and control. This versatile controller features capacitive touch pads, pitch outputs, CV outputs, trigger gate outs, and scan inputs for added flexibility in performance and experimentation. 

Voltage Lab 2: Available for Pre-order, shipping June 2024. Price: 2,149 Euros


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