Symphonic Strings, Quickly Crafted

US MeldaProduction releases PowerStrings MSoundFactory instrument      14/05/24

MeldaProduction has announced the availability of PowerStrings. They say that this newest MSoundFactory premium instrument is tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music. Here's more details in their own words...

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DAW
As an orchestral powerhouse, PowerStrings represents MeldaProduction's latest MSoundFactory premium instrument, this time tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music. The timeless elegance of symphonic strings are creatively combined with a contemporary twist -- to deliver rich and vibrant string sounds designed to instantly elevate tracks. Indeed, its streamlined interface and intuitive controls allow users to effortlessly add lush string arrangements to their compositions without slowing down their creative flow.

An assortment of ARTICULATIONS
PowerStrings proffers an assortment of ARTICULATIONS, ranging from smooth SOFT LEGATO to crisp SPICCATO settings, so users can achieve the perfect expression for any musical idea. It is possible to speedily switch between them during a live performance using a controller keyboard's lower keys, or even enable multiple articulations at the same time. The premium instrument in question also allows for independent pitch and volume per articulation, which is ideal for extremely easy layering, while all ARTICULATIONS have access to detailed -- Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release -- envelope settings.

Strings should not necessarily always sound like strings -- certainly in the context of modern pop or cinematic music production. PowerStrings' CREATIVE 'tab' takes its users into a brave new world of sound, one where they can, for example, make the strings sound like a synth using the CONVOLUTION settings. Similarly, FM (Frequency Modulation) controls are also available, as is control over HARMONICS. Applying a pleasant-sounding DIFFUSION to the proceedings is, likewise, all part of getting creative.

Cause and effect
When working with PowerStrings there is no need, necessarily, to turn to third-party effect plug-ins for finalising the sound since the premium instrument includes its own REVERB (offering five types of room and hall) alongside an advanced DELAY and five-band EQUALIZER, plus MOTION, DISTORTION, MODULATION, and LOFI effects -- more than enough, surely, to boost creativity in the highly unlikely event of PowerStrings failing to inspire in its musical mission of facilitating quickly crafting symphonic strings for modern pop or cinematic productions.

Ready and waiting
Whether working on an ambient track or pop-rock song, orchestrating epic film trailers or emotive soundtracks, or even composing majestic symphonies, PowerStrings stands ready and waiting to infuse its user's musical aspirations with unparalleled depth and grandeur. Get this, though: the sample library powering PowerStrings weighs in at just over 600 MB, making it a very lightweight premium instrument in terms of CPU and RAM efficiency.

Key features:

  • Tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music
  • Delivers rich and vibrant string sounds designed to instantly elevate tracks
  • Streamlined interface and intuitive controls to add lush string arrangements to compositions without slowing down creative flow
  • An assortment of ARTICULATIONS
  • Creativity-boosting effects


Pricing and Availability:
PowerStrings is available to purchase as an AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in supporting all major hosts on macOS (64-bit only) and Windows (64-bit only) for a time-limited introductory promo price of only €9.00 EUR until June 9, 2024 -- rising thereafter to its regular price of €69.00 EUR -- and can be used in MeldaProduction's free MSoundFactory Player (downloadable from here.

Owners of MSoundFactory or MSoundFactory LE can get PowerStrings as an add-on for free. (Coinciding with the PowerStrings release, MeldaProduction is making MSoundFactory and MSoundFactory LE available to purchase at an attractive 55% discount for two weeks only.)

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