Michigan Synth Works Teases MSW-830 Desktop Synth

US A bigger sibling to their Compu-synth 810 clone      10/05/24

Michigan Synth Works Teases MSW-830 Desktop Synth

In our previous article we looked at Michigan Synth Works' MSW-810, a modern clone of the quirky Roland Compu Synth CMU 810. This early 80's beige-box was essentially an MC202 with special interfacing for an Apple II computer (plus CV/Gate for people who aren't vintage computer fetishists).

The instrument adds optional MIDI, but retains pretty much all of the quirkiness of the original device. Well, Michigan Synth Works have since been hard at work, mutating and redesigning this sweet little monosynth into an absolute beast. Just look at these specs!

VCOs (3)
Range: 16'/8'/4'/2'
Sync: Osc 2 can sync to osc 1 or osc 3. Osc 3 can sync to osc 1 or osc 2
per-oscillator glide/portamento amount with common legato switch.
Pulse Width Modulation: 50% to Min
PWM Modulation source switch(Available selections depewnd on osc#)
PW Modulation depth
Frequency Modulation source switch (available selections depend on osc#)
Frequency Modulation depth
common reset (on new note) switch

Source mixer
Level Control Sliders for:
Square, Saw, and PWM for all 3 oscillators
Sub-OSC (derived from Osc1) Waveforms: 1 oct down, 2 oct down, 2 oct down 75%,digital waveforms
4006 noise
external input (normalled to post filter feedback)

Drive amount
Drive modulation amount
Drive modulation source switch

AS3109 Based
Cutoff Frequency: 10Hz to 20kHz
Resonance: 0- Self Oscillation
ADSR 2 Depth
key Follow: 0-100%
Mod source switch x2 (different selections)
Mod amount x 2
Filter stage mixing
MODES: LP4, BP4, HP3, Phase

Output VCA
AD, ADSR 1, ADSR 1+external in envelope follower,Gate

ADSR Envelope x 2
Attack time: 1.5 ms to 2 s
Decay time: 2 ms to 10 s
Sustain Level: 0-100%
Release Time: 2 ms to 10 s

AD Envelope (digital)
shape selector switch
Attack time
Attack time modulation amount
Decay time
Decay time modulation amount
Modulation source selector switch
loop switch

Rate: 0.1Hz to 20 kHz
Delay Time: 20 ms to 0.7s
Rate Indicator

LFO 2 (digital)
type selector
shape modulation amount
rate modulation amount
modulation source selector
rate indicator
reset on new note switch

DM (extra digital modulator)
type selector switch (envelope follower (from ext in) low frequency noise, chaos, more)

Synth CV in: 1V/Oct, 0-7V, 3.5mm TS
Synth Gate in: 0-12V, On>2.5V, 3.5mm TS
modulation CV In: 3.5mm TS
external audio Input 1: Unbalanced 3.5mm" TS (with envelope follower)

Synth Out: Max -6 dBm, Unbalanced 1/4" TS

Headphone Out: Stereo, 9-150 ohm, 1/4" TRS
MIDI In: 5 pin DIN
MIDI Out 5 pin DIN
MIDI In: USB C (1.5m USB C-USB A included)


Control of Note/Gate/velocity/pitch bend


Estimated Retail Price: $800 USD

There's FM! Digital waveforms PLUS an extra digital modulator! Drive! For $800USD, this seems like an absolute synthesis playground - plus it'll look good next to your vintage tech! Expect to hear more in Autumn/Winter 2024.

Posted by MagicalSynthAdventure an expert in synthesis technology from last Century and Amiga enthusiast.

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