Blue Monday on Vintage Casio Instruments

US New Order, Kraftwerk, and Gary Numan covered      09/05/24

Polaroids of the Pyramids has a few covers on their youtube channel and their latest one goes far in emulating New Order's Blue Monday - with an array of Casio keyboards. The keyboards are: 

  • HT-700 keyboard
  • MT-500 keyboard, DP-1 drum pads, SS-1 drum sticks
  • VL-1 mini keyboard/calculator
  • MT-400V keyboard
  • Casiotone 1000P keyboard
  • DG-20 digital guitar
  • SK-1 sampling keyboard
  • PT-7 mini keyboard and Casiotone M-10 keyboard
  • DH-200 digital horn
  • Casiotone 201 and MT-40 keyboards
  • MT-65 keyboard
  • KX-101 and CK-500 keyboards/cassette players
  • Casiotone 701 keyboard
  • MT-35 keyboard
  • MT-52 keyboard

He's also covered the Trans Euprope Epxress


And Gary Numan, on just one synth:


And the obligatory Super Mario theme!


Polaroids of the Pyramids




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