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US 1 million free domains are available      15/04/24

Get A .MUSIC Domain

.MUSIC is offering 1 million free .MUSIC domains to members of the music industry until May 24th, 2024. They say that this represents a monumental shift towards verified music identities and intellectual property protection.
A spokesperson told us, "By becoming a trusted authority in the domain name space, akin to .EDU for educational institutions and .GOV for government agencies, .MUSIC aims to create a safe and verified online environment where music creators and industry professionals can connect, engage, and transact securely. The free domain giveaway is aimed at accelerating adoption within the music industry, offering a risk-free opportunity for artists, labels, publishers, and other stakeholders to secure their intellectual property and establish a verified online presence. Notable figures and brands such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Spotify, Universal Music Group, and many others have already embraced .MUSIC by registering their domains, signaling strong momentum and industry support."

Here's the company's press release with the full details...

In today's digital landscape, where music identity and intellectual property are invaluable, the launch of the .MUSIC top-level domain name represents a monumental advancement. After more than a decade-long battle to secure the exclusive rights to .MUSIC and policy development with the global music industry, the launch of .MUSIC is finally underway and a reality. For the first time in history, the global music industry led initiative will authenticate the digital identity of the music community at a global scale, providing a level of identity verification previously unseen in the music to create a safe harbor of verified artists, creators, industry professionals, organizations, and businesses under .MUSIC.

The rollout of .MUSIC has started with significant momentum, with many popular music artists and iconic brands already registering their .MUSIC domain names. These include Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Universal, Sony, Warner, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Tencent, Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Apple, Google, YouTube, Meta, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Amazon, Twitch, Reddit, Coachella, iHeart, CBS, NBC, MGM, Shopify, Hilton, Uber, BMW, Rolex, Prada, Andreesen Horowitz, a16z and many others.

In an unprecedented move to accelerate music industry adoption, 1 million .MUSIC domain names are now being given away for free to members of music organizations and legitimate music communities before May 24, 2024. The .MUSIC Registry's objective is to ensure intellectual property is secured and protected. This campaign gives the global music industry a risk-free opportunity to protect their intellectual property and claim their names at no cost, ensuring that the right names are allocated to the right music artists, people, companies and brands. On June 25, 2024, the .MUSIC domain will launch globally on a first-come, first served basis at retail prices set by ICANN-accredited domain registrars and resellers.

Music organizations can now sign up at to offer free .MUSIC domains to their entire membership or customer base (including labels, publishers, songwriters, artists, musicians, bands, band members, industry professionals and staff members) prior to the May 24 deadline. Eligible organizations include digital distributors, music associations, collection societies, digital service providers, performing rights organizations, and any type of music organization or company with a membership or customer base. A one-time $1.99 third-party identity verification fee may apply if a member cannot be properly verified to prevent impersonators, fraudsters, squatters and bots from registering others' names.
.MUSIC aims to become a trusted authority in the domain name space, similar to what .EDU is for accredited educational institutions and .GOV is for official government agencies. Similarly, a .MUSIC domain will assure music audiences that they are interacting with the real and official music artist, industry professional, organization or brand, not an impersonator, fraudster or AI bot.

".MUSIC is not just another domain name. It is a trusted, safe and verified music-centric Internet for the global music community and industry to securely connect, engage and transact," says .MUSIC Founder and CEO Constantine Roussos. "The value proposition for the global music industry is complete ownership of their brand names and platform under their verified and credible name.MUSIC. It is now time for artists to take full ownership of their digital music identity, their online assets and fan relationships under a trusted and verified MusicID. Our objective for this once in a lifetime global campaign is to make sure the right names get to the right people at zero cost or risk to the global music community. Once you lose your name, it is nearly impossible to get it back. We are trying to proactively solve this problem."

"As the only verified digital identity provider for the global music community, we are proud to give music artists, industry professionals, organizations, and leading global brands the unique opportunity to protect their name, image, likeness and voice, and to prevent fraudsters, impersonators, squatters, AI clones and bots by claiming their verified MusicID," says Marina Roussou, Executive Director of id.MUSIC, the exclusive global music identity provider for .MUSIC.

 "Being verified on Tik Tok, Instagram, or X only means something on those closed social networks. The global music community is forever locked into their walled-garden and ecosystem," says my.MUSIC co-CEO Peter Lee. "Artists can place their .MUSIC SmartBadge anywhere, including official websites, social networks and media to let fans know that whatever they are distributing is official and came from them, not a fake account. With this universal verified source of truth, artists can protect their brand and intellectual property online."

.MUSIC registrants will also get two additional free brand-building my.MUSIC services that are unique to the music industry: a SmartBadge and a SmartPage. After identity verification, all .MUSIC registrants will receive their SmartBadge, a verified digital business card with a unique QR code that can be embedded openly anywhere (e.g. email, websites, social media, media etc,) and securely points to their SmartPage, where all their verified music credentials, information and work can be displayed in one central location under their name.MUSIC domain. It is a trusted meeting point, where everyone safely connects, interacts and transacts directly with you, your work and your services and puts you in charge. Registrants can control what content others see and the vetted destinations they would like to send everyone to (e.g. links to new music releases, official website, merch, tickets, videos and other verified content).

About .MUSIC
.MUSIC is the trusted, safe and secure top-level domain name and verified MusicID for the global music community and industry. The .MUSIC initiative is a global music community-based and industry-led effort to create .MUSIC top-level domain with music-tailored policies and enhanced safeguards to protect intellectual property and the rights of creators globally, giving them full control of their brand identity and their music assets, including directly owning their relationships with fans and customers. The .MUSIC top-level domain provides a music-centric Internet, a thriving, vibrant, and innovative ecosystem that promotes legitimate music creation, access, and distribution, where the global music community securely connects, interacts and transacts. For more information, visit:

About id.MUSIC
id.MUSIC is the exclusive music identity provider (IDP) for the .MUSIC top-level domain name that serves the global music community and industry. It provides a verified .MUSIC domain name and global MusicID that protects music name, image, likeness and voice (NILV) intellectual property rights. By mandating identity verification for .MUSIC registrants, all music digital music identities are protected from impersonators, fraudsters, AI clones, bots and cybersquatters. For more information, visit

About my.MUSIC
my.MUSIC is a technology company that provides complementary tools and brand building services for the global music industry and community, such as the SmartBadge (a branded digital calling card with a unique QR linking to one's verified music credentials and information) and SmartPage (a fully branded place, where everyone safely connects, interacts and transacts with you, your work and your services). For more information, visit

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