NI Releases Session Bassist – Upright Bass

US Double bass Kontakt instrument is based on a 1970s Mittenwald model      05/04/24

Native Instruments says that Session Bassist – Upright Bass delivers the rich low end of a stunning Mittenwald model handcrafted in the 1970s. A spokesperson told us, "Craft your own basslines with a range of patterns, effects, and articulations, perfect for contemporary grooves."

Here's more details direct from NI...

Experience the depth and resonance of the upright bass, sampled from a distinguished 1970s model handcrafted in Mittenwald. A comprehensive library of loops, melodies, and articulations performed by leading session musicians make it simple to infuse the backbone of your tracks with organic charm, whether you're laying down soulful jazz and blues basslines, pop and hip hop grooves, or even classical motifs.

Bring that professional session feel to your tracks with a selection of authentic articulations including open, muted, bowed, and flageolet techniques, as well as special articulations for slides and percussive playing styles. The engine includes realistic transitions and repetitions, with the option to dial in fret noise and vibrato for performances that are polished, expressive, and detailed.

Upright Bass offers two ways to compose bass parts: a pattern-based instrument for creating instant grooves and a melody instrument for crafting more intricate melodies note-by-note. Seamlessly integrated, these instruments make it simple to craft basslines for any genre, whatever your needs and workflow.

Effortlessly browse more than 220 riffs and picking patterns, adapting the pitches further in your sequencer with MIDI drag and drop. Use swing and humanize controls to fit the groove of your productions, and shift accents between downbeats and offbeats for true feel.

Find the perfect sound fast with a choice of 39 sound presets, or get hands on with a range of tone controls. Explore condenser, dynamic, and mixed stereo mic setups, with the choice to send your sound through a range of amplifiers and cabinets from Guitar Rig 7 Pro. Harness the natural tone of the instrument or get creative with stompboxes and high-grade studio effects, including vintage compressors, studio EQ, reverb, distortion, modulation, and delay emulations.

The Session Bassist series offers full integration with Kontrol keyboards and NKS. Take advantage of the Light Guide to display key ranges, articulations, and expressive techniques such as slides and mutes, allowing you to effortlessly switch between playing styles and articulations mid-take.

Session Bassist – Upright Bass was created in collaboration with Drumasonic – the award-winning team behind Icon Bass, Prime Bass, Electric Sunburst, Electric Vintage, Strummed Acoustic, Picked Acoustic, and more.

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