Hologram Chroma Console Now Shipping

US A Colorful Suite of Musical Effects      03/04/24

In November 2023, Hologram Electronics announced the latest addition to its product lineup, Chroma
Console. After completing its initial pre-order period, Hologram has ramped up production and the pedal
is now in-stock for worldwide shipping. It features: 

  • 20 Vibrant Effects
  • 4 Rearrange-able Effect Modules
  • Stereo Input/Output
  • Designed for both Instrument and Line Level sources
  • Sophisticated Input Level Calibration
  • Record knob movements with GESTURE
  • Sustain and loop audio with CAPTURE feature
  • Bypass Foot Switch Customization
  • Configurable Filter Effect (Tilt, Lowpass, or Highpass)
  • 80 User Presets
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru, clock synchronization
  • True Bypass Switching/Buffered Bypassed with trails
  • Tap Tempo, which can sync time-based effects as well as modulation effects

Here's what they have to say: 

For many musicians, the mere mention of a "multi-effect" conjures thoughts of tiny screens, underwhelming effects, and endless menu diving. Chroma Console represents, in many ways, the opposite. It is a flexible multi-effect pedal that takes inspiration from the eccentricity and lively instability of beloved vintage recording technology, combines it with the type of brand new sounds that Hologram is known for, and delivers it all through an intuitive user interface that puts wide-ranging sonic experimentation at your fingertips.

Whether it's the cranked preamp of a wobbly four-track cassette recorder, the snarl of a vintage synth filter, or an analog delay that runs away into distorted oscillation just as a song reaches its crescendo-- Chroma Console embraces the belief that pieces of gear, when pushed to extremes, can yield unexpectedly expressive results beyond what they were originally intended to do. Hologram spent years carefully researching (and exploiting) the most exciting "limitations" of beloved gear from many different eras to create a platform that is fun to use and encourages creativity and spontaneity. 

Chroma Console offers 20 stereo effects, organized into 4 discrete modules: Character (dynamics and distortion), Movement (modulation), Diffusion (time-based effects) and Texture (collection of textural effects). The modules can be used independently or in combination, offering users a wide-ranging sonic palette in the studio or on stage.

With Chroma Console, users can easily re-order effect modules and experiment with different signal chains. This encourages experimentation, like processing reverb through a fuzz, running a reverse delay into a pitch shifter, or sending the evocative, gritty sound of an aging cassette recorder into a stereo double-tracker. 

Other unique offerings include GESTURE, a hands-on modulation tool that allows you to record and loop knob movements in real-time. CAPTURE, a 30-second looper, can be used to create ephemeral loops or looped musical phrases.

Chroma Console features stereo ins and outs, MIDI over 5-Pin or USB-C, and up to 80 user presets for instant recall of your favorite sounds.


Find out more here: www.hologramelectronics.com/chroma-console .



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