Peaceful Polyrhythms as AMSR

US Some are just so rainbow rhythms      31/03/24

Following our hypnotic look at Jeremie Carrier's Polyrhythms last week - we've sourced more expansive Polyrhythms, described in modern terms as "Ambient ASMR". The Youtube channel Lucid Rhythms features HOURS of re-aligning sounds, coming in and out of phase and sequence, Certainly relaxing to listen to in the background, and complimentary visuals to go along with it.

This example is great as its a bit slower than the others on their channel. 

Step into a world where the boundaries between the elements blur, and the soothing essence of rain merges with the profound depths of space. "Celestial Drizzle: Rain Within the Abyss" is the latest chapter in our journey, inviting you to immerse yourself in a sensory fusion unlike any other.

In this experiment, we've harnessed the rhythmic patter of rain, translating its tranquil melody into a polyrhythmic soundscape that resonates with the soul. Accompanied by mesmerizing visuals that mimic the gentle caress of raindrops across the cosmos, this experience is designed to envelop you in a cocoon of serenity. 


More from Rainbow... I mean Lucid Rhythms:

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