Go: A Film About Moby

US His story told in feature length doc      24/03/24

The track 'Go' propelled Moby into the musical stratosphere, using the chords from David Lynch's Twin Peaks - and it's an apt title for a feature about the artists career. The film goes back to his first apartment, and forging of his early career - making music in friends bedrooms, to the era-defining Play album and playing gigs across the world. Great stuff, also check out "1000" if you get a chance! Here's the synopsis:

This exclusive feature-length documentary film chronicles Moby's life story from his humble beginnings in rural Connecticut to his current status as world-renowned musician and song-writer. Filmed in high-definition in Europe, the USA and South America during his world tour of 2005 this film give hitherto unseen insight into the man and his music. Moby, along with friends, family, and associates, tells us his story in his own words and takes us back to where he was brought up and where he first earned his spurs as a DJ before creating his own music. This is a rare in-depth portrait of an artist, his life and work.

Here's the signature track the documentary is named after... GO!


More from Moby: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkiTV-Lnt-m3DQp-ZeFdkA


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