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US ADDAC813 Stereo Mixer + features five channels      20/03/24

ADDAC System has announced the ADDAC813 Stereo Mixer +, which they describe as a powerful and straightforward stereo mixer in a compact footprint. They say that, able to handle a multitude of mixing tasks in any Eurorack setup, the ADDAC813 features 5 stereo channels (4 of them with attenuators), a mono send/return path for parallel processing, plus both stereo and mono outputs. Here's the details direct from the company...

The input section has four channels with stereo input, as well as a gain knob. The fifth channel has a stereo input without gain knob and this also serves as the preferred inputs to cascade several ADDAC813 Mixers when more channels are needed for a larger setup.

Meantime, the master output controls the level of the input mix. Two LEDs meters continuously monitor the input mix. Adding further flexibility, a mono send/return path allows for easy integration of mono effects in a stereo chain. Plug your favorite FX or modulation module into this, be it a filter, BBD, spring reverb, or indeed any mono pedal, to integrate a range of possible new sounds.

There is also a return gain control, which works in parallel with the Master Output. This functions just like a regular wet / dry control. The send output can also be configured to be line or synth level via a jumper in the back. The main stereo outputs (L&R) sums the inputs mix with the return signal, while the mono output combines the sum of left and light outputs.

Using the send output at line level, a user is able to connect the send output directly into mono effect pedals and have that pedal'ss output connected directly into the return input -- without the need of an attenuator/amplifier module. This makes it easy to integrate any FX pedal into the chain as needed.

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