LNDSXPO 2024: Rides In The Storm BOC -Multi Wave Oscillator

US Wavefolding and tuned 4th and 5th Sub osc outs      18/03/24

Always good to see Uwe George from Rides on the Storm. He showcased the new BOC , or Big Oscillator, module. This module is the bigger brother of the DOC and boasts additional features such as an attenuator for pitch modulation, pulse-width modulation, and CV options.

The BOC includes a discrete oscillator with multiple waveforms, a voltage-controlled wavefolder for the triangle waveform, and four sub-oscillators with pulse-width, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms and a 5th and 4th division output too.

With a gravity out for ring-modulated signals, the BOC offers a wide range of sounds and waveforms for users to experiment with. Priced at €160, the BOC seems very reasonably priced.



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