LNDSXPO 2024: Eurterpe Vertice - Monster Filter Bank

US Known as the Beast, it screams      18/03/24

Stefano from Euterpe Syntheziser Laboratories enthusiastically showed us their  powerful filter bank the Vertice.

 This filter bank features three heavily modified Steiner Parker style filters, triple amplifiers, an envelope generator, and high-end compressors, providing a brutal and suffocating sound. The machine is described as an instrument that requires time and dedication to master, but offers a versatile stereo routing capability and CV control of every parameter.

We can see parallels with the legendary Sherman Filterbank, but in a much larger format and with a discrete hand-built aesthetic.

The filter bank is available for purchase, starting at €2.5k euros, with customizable options based on circuit age and components used.

In addition to the filter bank, Stefano also gave us a sneak peak at two Eurorack modules, the Vertigo alpha prototypes, which break down the individual components of the filter bank into more affordable and portable units.



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