Casio-Style Phase Distortion VCO

US Busy Circuits CIZZLE Eurorack module is inspired by the classic Casio CZ series      18/03/24

ALM Busy Circuits tells us that the CIZZLE is a dual digital 'phase distortion' VCO inspired by the classic Casio 'CZ' series synthesizers. They say that it brings the specifics of 'CZ' style phase distortion (PD) synthesis into Eurorack with the inclusion of primary and secondary oscillator layering and detuning (with up to 8 voice chord generation), extended morphable PD wave generation algorithms, unique resonance wave generation, plus specific 'end of chain' ring modulation and noise modes that are key to the CZ sound.

The voices also feature built in VCAs and various modulation controls and inputs, a cv-able chord mode, tracking ability, triggered mode switching and can be output independently or mixed with stereo widening.

A spokesperson said, "The CIZZLE finally brings characteristic CZ style synthesis to Eurorack with a rich palette of sounds from mellow ambient tones, 90s Detroit Techno inspired chords, Reese style basses, and synth tones with unique faux resonance squelch."


  •     Dual phase distortion VCO with direct and voltage controlled parameters.
  •     Easy, quick and accurate tuning via an encoder control.
  •     9 morphing phase distortion 'Algorithms' (Osc A) with direct and CV control.
  •     PD Offset 'Shape' with direct and CV control.
  •     Unique CZ resonance waveform (Osc B) with direct and CV control.
  •     Multiple Osc B modes; Rez, Ring Mod, and Noise based on classic CZ synthesis.
  •     Mode switchable via direct and trigger control.
  •     Optional Osc B frequency tracking of Osc A with offset.
  •     Voltage controlled chord mode with inversion and up to 8 voices.
  •     Dedicated oscillator output level VCAs.
  •     Separate dual or mixed outputs with stereo widening effect.
  •     Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
  •     2 Year Warranty.
  •     Made in England.

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