The Freaky Sound Only 2% Of People Hear

US The deep rumble heard around the world      03/03/24

Benn Jordan is back with a new video, so strap yourself in for a sonic tour de force and incredibly well-researched investigation into auditory adventures. The video covers a hum heard all over the world, initially identified as the 'Taos Hum' - a faint rumble felt in the chest, which has been reported far and wide. Benn has said: "Since the early 1960's, an increasing number of people have been hearing (and feeling) a sound causing everything from annoyance to psychosis to death. We have a deeply objective look at what could be causing it". 

A fascinating story, well told - flip through the video chapters below. 

0:00 - Intro
2:32 - History
4:37 - Taos Hum
8:01 - The Outbreak
14:09 - ELF Transmitters
15:50 - Natural Causes
17:34 - Infrastructure
19:12 - HPNG Pipelines
26:06 - Methodology
27:38 - Conclusions
29:00 - The Mental Health Toll
31:15 - Wrap Up

What do you think? Have you heard the hum?

More from Benn here:


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