Advanced Multitap Three-Dimensional Delay

US Audio Brewers releases ab Astrometry Delay      01/03/24

Audio Brewers says that  ab Astrometry Delay is their latest innovation in three-dimensional sound design tools. A spokesperson told us, "This advanced Multitap Delay, compatible with all major DAWs, features up to eight taps, each acting as an individual acoustic spot that envelops you in sound, transforming the space around your head."

Here's the full details direct from the company...

Whether you're working with Mono, Stereo, or three-dimensional audio formats--from 1st to 7th Order Ambisonics to Surround/Atmos signals encoded to Ambisonics -- 'ab Astrometry Delay' analyses the loudest coordinates of your soundfield, transforming them into distinct Acoustic Spots. These spots exist per tap and can bounce in a three-dimensional manner around your head for an immersive auditory experience.

Within 'ab Astrometry Delay', you can configure each tap to either process audio serially, following the previous tap, or in parallel, directly from the source signal. Each tap offers customizable controls for 'Viscosity' (sound elasticity), loudness, and timing--adjustable freely or synced with your DAW from 64th Triplets to 2nds.

The location of each Acoustic Spot can be recalculated and repositioned with the simple press of a button. Once your Sonic Constellation is perfected to your liking, you have complete control over its loudness, mix level, and spatial rotation in any direction.

An innovative algorithm we like calling Dynamic Motion keeps your Sonic Constellation in motion for an ever-evolving acoustic experience.

Moreover, four modulators, adjustable from milliseconds up to 20 seconds, can be assigned to most controls for unique constant transformations in your sound.

No matter the format of your original signal, 'ab Astrometry Delay' operates internally in 7th-order Ambisonics for amazing results, with a LITE mode option for 1st-order processing. This ensures that regardless of your project's complexity or scale, 'ab Astrometry Delay' will be a powerful and versatile tool in your sound design arsenal.

'ab Astrometry Delay' is compatible with Mono, Stereo, and Ambisonics sources (1OA through 7OA*) and will output Stereo and Ambisonics signals (1OA through 7OA*) that can later be decoded to ANY speaker array imaginable. From Binaural Stereo, to Surround, Dolby Atmos layouts and even custom speaker arrays.

This means that even if you have a Monophonic recording, you can create a fully three-dimensional space that can embrace you in your Dolby Atmos mix, everything in a matter of seconds! Pretty cool.

'ab Astrometry Delay' comes with a practical Preset system where you create your presets ONCE, and they are cross-DAW and cross-OS compatible! This means you can move your presets from Mac to Windows (or vice versa) and even share them with other users!

'ab Astrometry Delay' also comes with a 'smart troubleshooting' algorithm, which will check your signal chain and let you know if something is wrong with it.

With 'ab Astrometry Delay' you can:

  • Work completely in Stereo whilst taking advantage of the psycho-acoustic characteristics sound takes when it's being manipulated three-dimensionally.
  • Blow-up a Mono/Stereo sound source to Ambisonics (up to 7OA*), and subsequently to any Surround, Atmos or Immersive format out there.
  • Work natively with any Ambisonics signal (1OA through 7OA*).
  • Design sound and Mixdown any Ambisonics signal (1OA through 7OA*) to Stereo.

Pricing and Availability:
Intro Price through 28 March 2024: €79.00 (Regular Price:€99.00)

'ab Astrometry X' is a 4-tap iOS version of 'ab Astrometry Delay' available as an Application and AUv3 (for iOS DAWs such as Garageband, Cubasis, etc.): $12.99

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