Polyrhythmic Cinematic Drum Engine

US Sanpleson's Drumbada mimics the action of 15 percussionists playing together      29/02/24

Sanpleson describes Drumbada as a polyrhythmic cinematic drum engine equipped with 5 groups of 3 drummers each. They tell us that it is based on the unique sound of the 'Bombo Legüero' - a rare South American bass drum that has never been deeply sampled before.

They say that Drumbada also introduces a Crew-playing algorithm, which reproduces the behavior and imperfections of 15 percussionists playing together.

A spokesperson told us, "Drumbada simplifies the process of creating polyrhythms by offering intuitive controls within its five groups of sound sources and arpeggiators. With independent adjustments for signature, speed, spread value, and accent, users can effortlessly explore various rhythmic combinations without feeling overwhelmed.  This thoughtful design allows for natural experimentation and encourages creative exploration, making polyrhythms accessible to musicians and producers of all skill levels."

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Introductory price:$39 (regular price: $59)

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