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US MonkeyC's Rando sampler helps you rediscover your sounds      26/02/24

MonkeyC has released Rando, described as an inspirational sampler plugin that connects to your entire sample collection and lets you play random samples across the keyboard or filter results for a more focused flow. Here's the details that they have supplied...

Rando is a sampler that shakes up your existing sound library. Point Rando to any and all of your sample folders, then hit that massive button in the centre, and watch a random selection of sounds populate your keyboard or piano roll. Stop using just 5% of your sample collection, rediscover your sounds with Rando.

Rando isn't meant to be an expensive, shiny mega-sampler – it's a lightweight creative tool that does things in a different way, helping real producers to get real results and have fun while they're doing it. You can narrow down sample selection by type and with text search, and there's a deep-but-simple sequencer plus a creative FX section to get more out of your selections.

Rando is available to buy now for PC and Mac in VST3, Audio Units and AAX formats.  

Rando Features
– Randomizing sampler: helps discover new possibilities from your existing collection of samples
– Narrow your sample search by text, type and category
– Tonal samples are automatically tuned, rhythmic samples automatically timestretched to tempo
– Sampler playback functions include start/end times, direction, trigger/gate/loop, ADSR, tuning and more
– Life control brings analogue-style drift to samples
– Chromatic mode lets you play samples across the keyboard
– Add six global effects – Filter, Chorus, Distortion, Crush, Delay and Reverb
– Full sequencer section with randomizing function to generate patterns

Made by Dennis de Laat
Dennis has been producing music since 1999 and has released on Spinnin', Armada, Ministry of Sound, Glasgow Underground and many others. As well as being part of the hit team Beatfreakz, Dennis has also released records as Dennis de Laat, Dennis Christopher, and Simmons & Christopher. Dennis started MonkeyC one year ago with the product Rewind, an in-memory tape recorder that captures everything you do in the studio. MonkeyC aims to make software with a unique view of the production process itself, helping producers make music smarter.

Pricing and Availability:

Introductory pricing of $49 will last until 2nd April, after which it will rise to $69.

More information:


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