New 2-Stage Phaser Pedal

US SolidGoldFX releases the AURRAS Optical Vibraphase      26/02/24

SolidGoldFX tells us that the new AURRAS Optical Vibraphase is a powerful effects pedal named after the goddess of sound that meets the legacy of its predecessor the Athena Vibraphase in a harmonious blend of legendary, vintage Uni-Vibe textures and innovative, modern prowess. Here's the details in their own words...

AURRAS Optical Vibraphase is a 2-stage asymmetric phase shifter built around a pair of selected and individually controlled opto-isolators offering a clearer signal with minimal distortion while simultaneously isolating the audio path from any possible LFO interference.

The dual LFO setup, powered by a microprocessor, provides limitless sonic flexibility. Drawing inspiration from albums such as Band of Gypsys or the Dark Side of the Moon, the AURRAS delivers the lush modulation and heavy pulse that have shaped Rock & Roll history.

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