GForce Software Release The Oberheim OB-EZ

US Intro pricing available now, OB-E owners get it free      22/02/24

GForce Software have just announced the Oberheim OB-EZ, with all the power of the Oberheim 8 Voice in a simple and intuitive instrument. OB-EZ is not a lite version of the multi-award-winning OB-E in terms of sound; it is OB-E under the hood. They've selected over 260 of the most beautiful presets designed for OB-E that fit the OB-EZ control set, ensuring optimal tweaking potential.

It's available now on Introductory pricing, and is a free for owners of their OB-E. Here's more:

The Oberheim OB-EZ is an OB-E with the same FAT Oberheim 8-Voice Sound designed in a new, focused interface. It was created for producers who want to inject that thick, organic and majestic sound in their tracks quickly with a new streamlined workflow.

Thanks to their unique octaphonic architecture, not many synths sound as fat as these in the software domain.

The OB-EZ is on intro pricing at just £24.99 - more details here

Get the OB-E here, and get OB-EZ free:


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