Dreadbox Releases Psyclop

US One pedal with many possibilities for string instruments and synths      21/02/24

Dreadbox Releases Psyclop

Dreadbox believes that Psyclop is the ultimate modern utility device. It's an Effects Chain Loop with Dry/Wet mix control, Signal Attenuator and Boost as well as Expression to CV (Control Voltage) converter, all in one easy to use package suitable for string instruments or synthesizers and is also Eurorack compatible.

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 Main Features:

  • Dry/Wet Mixer / Attenuator and Booster pedal
  • Manages any signal
  • Parallel Effects Loop with Mix control for seamlessly blending Dry and Wet signals
  • Adjustable Input Gain - from 0 to -20 dB
  • Output Gain Boost Level - from 0 to +20 dB
  • CV IN and OUT
  • EXP Input with adjustable CV OUT Attenuation from 0-5 V - converts TRS EXP pedal input to CV Output
  • Silent CMOS True Bypass Switching
  • Powered by opt. 9V DC power adapter (2.1 mm, center -, 25 mA current draw)


PSYCLOP is not your average Effects Loop Mixer. Capable of managing any type of signal from instruments or effects pedals, PSYCLOP seamlessly blends them with its parallel effects loop.

Its features include Input Attenuation of up to -20 dB and an Output Gain Boost of up to +20 dB in order to match any signals. For unity gain, simply set the Input Attenuation Amount to 100% with the IN control and using the OUT knob, adjust the Output Gain Level to 0%.
To avoid phase cancellation issues between the dry and wet signal paths, the PSYCLOP also features a simple but effective Effects Loop Phase switch, which is easily accessible on the pedal's side.

Additionally, PSYCLOP is capable of converting TRS Expression signals to CV and makes them usable with most Eurorack gear, making it a perfect device for synth fans and sound design enthusiasts. The pedal's EXP knob attenuates the CV output. When nothing is connected to its CV IN jack, the CV OUT jack will output 0-5V depending on this knobs' setting and a connected EXP pedal's position.

So all you have to do is plug in and embark on your next thrilling sound design adventure.

Pricing and Availability:
80€ / £89

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